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At Conreco, we believe in footwear that makes you better from the ground up, for instance, we offer MBT shoes, a brand which significantly improve your gait and posture, in return, relieving pressure on your joints and back. Our shoes exercise muscles whether you’re walking or pressure on your joints and back. Our shoes exercise muscles whether you’re walking or standing helping to stimulate your metabolism, burn calories and speed up muscle regeneration.

We carry Joya - the world's softest shoe
Joya moves you

The young Swiss shoe developer Karl Mueller Jr., whose father, Karl Mueller Sr., invented the MBT and sold the company in 2006, has created a new revolutionary shoe called Joya, representing a new category of comfort footwear. Joya shoes make walking joyful, fun and effortless, they move you -- both physically and emotionally.

Experience effortless walking
Joya uses futuristic internationally patented Sole Technology that delivers a sensation while walking that has really never before been encountered. You are given the emotional experience of walking effortlessly on a concrete planet. It's not about sculpting and toning a chiseled physique. It's not about being the "cure-all" shoe for orthopedic pain. It's simply about making walking a joyful and effortless experience.

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Another extremely popular brand at Conreco Shoes is NAOT. Nestle into the softness and luxury of NAOT shoes and sandals. Feel the relaxation envelop your being as you slip into the natural fit of NAOT’s stylish women’s footwear.

NAOT also offers and entire line of men’s footwear featuring purpose, practicality, and perfection. Embrace the strength and durability found in Naot shoes and sandals. Let the ease and grace of the natural contour fit encompass your being as you slip on NAOT’s men’s footwear.

In addition to MBT and NAOT, we also carry a wide variety of styles from Dansko, Joya, Rockport, New Balance, Soft Spots, Hush Puppies, Johnston & Murphy, Helle Comforts, NAOT, Finn Commfort, Think, Birkenstock, Helle, LaPlume, Otzo Shoes, OOFOS, Sperry Topsiders, MBT, ECCO,Brooks, Salcony, Easy Spirit, Nurse Mates, Saucony, Trotters, Merrell’s, Aravon, Dunham, Sperry, Ecco Think, La Plume, Brooks, Florsheim, Clarks, Birkenstock, Wolky, Worishofer and more!

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